ISDE History

More than a century ago, in 1913, the most passionate and ancient history of the «off road» motorbike was born. A history that has lasted until today and that we all know as International Six Days of Enduro.

British launched the idea of teams consisting of three pilots –Trophy- which bound by the regulation, had to use bikes produced in their respective countries. In 1924 came a new version called «Silver Vase». In this case the groups were comprised of four pilots and, unlike the World Trophy, they were allowed to choose bikes from all over the world.

This marked the beginning of a new era characterized by the British domination. The same delegation won sixteen times the Trophy. On the other side, Czechoslovakia did not know any rivals in Silver Vase. They have set the record of seventeen victories, today still unbeaten.

For three successive decades, the 50s, 60s and 70s, Eastern Europe was the leader in the Enduro Olympics and German and Czechoslovakian were sharing the following two places.
Nevertheless, in the beginning of the 80s the name change of this race from International Six Days Trial to International Six Days of Enduro, brought Italy and Sweden to become the strongest countries in this specialty. For the upcoming ten to fifteen years, they turned many editions of this race into a battle.

In 1985 the Junior Trophy, exclusively for riders up to the age of 23, was replacing the Silver Vase. The Trophy, on the other side, would get the actual configuration. This means: Teams composed by six members, each of them free to choose their own bikes.

Finland got the first success in 1989 for the junior category with a crew led by the great promise Kari Tiainen. He organized his first Six Days seven years later and from that moment «suomi» Enduro became extremely popular. Nevertheless in 2001 these great days were disrupted by France and at the same time Spain, winner of the Junior Trophy.

In 2007, Women Trophy, teams composed by three riders, was finally born. Since the beginning it has been dominated by the French supremacy and nowadays coexist the World Trophy, Junior Trophy, Women Trophy and the supposedly most amateur category, reserved to the club teams, composed by three members.


Kvetoslaw Masita. Czechoslovakia gathers 15 Trophy wins


Six Junior wins for our Juniors to date


Women's Trophy first edition arrived in 2007


ISDE 1996: The start of Finland's greatest era


France has won the Trohpy 7 times within this decade