The Spanish Motorcycle Federation has been always lending renewed support to the «off road» modality and specially to the endure, sponsoring participation of our best riders in the Six Days. The national ones for the Trophy and Junior Trophy as well as the Federation Club teams.

The Support has not been only economical. Since many years the RFME has shown a clear intention to go beyond, helping out all teams to manage, define and coordinate technical assistance, intendance, transport of motorbikes, travel arrangement, accommodation of all delegation members, and many other things.

If all these matters are being organized well before riders start the race on the first day, then riders can fully focus on their performance and improvement. This is something that our Federation has been doing perfectly. After several years of intense work, our men reached second positions for Trophy in 1985 and 2011. Six victories for Junior Trophy in 1999, 2000, 2007, 2009 and 2010 and some other huge successes led by the teams of RFME club.


Chile 2007: Winner Junior Trophy

Portugal 2009: equipo vencedor Trofeo Junior

Portugal 2009: Winner Junior Trophy

Apoyo total de la RFME en los Seis Días

Full support of the RFME in the ISDE