Paddock Rules

  • To drive along the facilities without pass.
  • To drive being under 14 years old.
  • To drive recklessly along the paddock, i. e. either driving at a high speed, or not giving way to pedestrians, or surpass the legally allowed passengers within the car.
  • To drive cars non- according to the technical legislation.
  • To exchange passes and accreditations.
  • The access of pets.


  • It is absolutely forbidden to paint, drill, disassemble at the facilities, and to misuse them (paddock, Wall, etc.).
  • The organization may provide concrete blocks to the teams to fix tents.
  • It is compulsory to use plastic or similar material covers for the ground within the working tents.
  • It is the team responsibility to remove the used tyres once the event is finished and deposit the oils, rags, or spare parts inside the bins provided for that use
  • It is forbidden to cook at the pits and working areas.
  • Passes will be issued by the Organization