ISDE at Spain

The Spanish history of the Six Days goes back to 1970, time when took place the edition at El Escorial, nearby Madrid. It was a quite demanding and very selective race, passing through stony mountain areas, complicated paths, with a final cross test at the Circuit of Jarama. All these areas have become mythical throughout the years. Those were glory days for the Enduro world in the Eastern Countries. Czechoslovakia was the winner in Trophy as well as in Vase. This was the time when Czechoslovaquia started a cycle full of success, dominating the World Trophy until 1974.

Fifteen years later (1985) the Six Days visited us again. This time it took place on a green scene of the Catalan Pyrenees, in the small village called Alp. This was the place that brought Spain to the best results until now. Our selection, consisted of Francesc Rubio, Pep Vila, Jordi Girona, Fernando Gil, Carlos Mas and Guillermo Moreno de Carlos, ranked second in the list after Sweden.

Another fifteen years later (2000) ISDE came back to Spain, specifically in the historical city of Granada. Our Junior pilots were in full motion, as they won in Australia (1998) and in Portugal (1999). They would win at their home as well.
Regarding the trophy, even though Finland was starting to experience a Splendor period, the Italian «azzurros» won in Granada, leaving behind Sweden and Spain, with its pilots called «rallymen»: Marc Coma, Nani Roma, Jordi Viladoms and Isidre Esteve.

And now, sixteen years later, with a one year-delay than usual, we arrive to the Six Days of Enduro 2016 in Spain, which will take place in an unprecedented scenario. We are convinced it will be seen as a milestone regarding the quality of the event itself.

Seis Días de España 1970: El Escorial

Spain Six Days 1970: El Escorial

Seis Días de España 1985: Alp

Spain Six Days 1985: Alp

Seis Días de España 2000: Granada

Spain Six Days 2000: Granada