Circuito de Navarra

The Six Days will take place for the first time at the Region of Navarra, specifically at the municipality of Los Arcos, just 60 km far away from the capital city Pamplona.

Our riders and their companions will be received there by a perfect Mediterranean climate, with moderate rainfalls. The average temperature during the Six Days might be around 20ºC.

This old village has a bit more than 1200 inhabitants and the river Odrón flows through it. The territory is mostly flat with ondulating plains and it stands 438 meters above sea level.

The historic quarter preserves its medieval atmosphere and by the walled castle, vestiges of the Roman culture can be found. Throughout the village there are several churches and hermitages, some of them built during the 12thcentury.

The real focus of the Six Days 2016, the modern Circuit of Navarra, is located on the outskirts of Los Arcos, on the road to Logroño. It was inaugurated in June 2010 and it contains a speed, an autocross and Off-road tracks, five parking areas with a total capacity of 8500 vehicles, 32 boxes, press room, assembly hall, museum, commercial area, medical centre, 41K square meter paved paddock, bar, restaurant and terraces.

It should be added, for the most curious, during the town festival at Los Arcos, the running of bulls through the town’s streets is a must. The richness and variety of the local gastronomy is incredible: Traditional bread rolls made by its inhabitants (roscos), doughnuts (rosquillas), French toast with honey (torrijas), cod with oil, garlic and peppers (ajoarriero) Typical regional soup (rancho de abadejo), garlic soup (sopa de ajo), stuffed rack of lamb (patorrillo) and fried milk (leche frita).


Distances from main cities:

Pamplona: 63,7 Kms Bilbao: 165 kms
Logroño: 34,2 Kms Biarritz: 186 Kms
Vitoria: 67,5 Kms Madrid: 356 Kms
S. Sebastian:142 Kms Barcelona: 471 Kms
Zaragoza: 164 Kms