Al Kamel Systems & Bassella Experiences

The Organization of the Six Days in Spain is composed by the common efforts of two companies with lots of experience, which have earned an important place in the competition world.


On the one hand, Bassella Experiences is a company specialized precisely in the management of motor events. It is led by Soler Family, very well known in the enduro scene and manages the development of the most crowded «off road» event in our country: Bassella Race 1.

Estanis Soler was already Race Director during the Six Days celebrated in 1985 in Spain and together with his son Pau Soler, who as a pilot, has a list of achievements as the Dakar, and the ISDE as well, He runs a very special motorbike museum in Bassella, visited by much more than one thousand enduro lovers who participate in the popular Bassella Race 1. Last year, Bassella Experiences managed the Enduro World Championship, celebrated in Solsona, in the province of Lleida, as well as many regional motocross and enduro competitions. It has been the official instructing company in many automotive training sessions, has organized summer camps for children and a wide range of activities related to the motor sector.


On the other side, we have the company Al Kamel Systems, which provides time keeping, data processing, graphics for television, internet, etc. They develop and implement all kinds of IT systems related to the competition world. José Luis García is its founder and he created this company after working at The Clock Staff, responsible of time keeping in the Spanish Enduro and Motocross Championship. He has accumulated highly technical know-how being the head of timekeeping at Moto GP for eight seasons.

He has created a team with lots of experts, who work at events such as Formula One, Le Mans Series, MotoGP, WRC, Formula E and the Olympic Games, among others.